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Look Out for Electrical Hazards Throughout the House

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Look Out for Electrical Hazards Throughout the House

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extension-cordMost of use are really dependent on electricity that we often take it for granted. We are not always aware of its potential dangers because we don’t think about how the electrical systems works in our house. There are actually a lot of possible hazards in the house that you may not know about and it includes, but not limited to the following:



Once the wiring in your home is not at par, then it can be a huge safety problem. Poor wiring raises the risk of accidental fires and power surges.


Light bulbs

Light bulbs are usually safe; however, these can cause a fire especially too close to materials that easily burn. For example, bedroom lamps that get too close to curtains or sheets. There are some lights that are made to hold bulbs up to a specific wattage, so if you put a 100 wattage bulb in a lamp intended to handle only 60 wattages can cause overloading issues which may cause explosion or fire.



Water and electricity definitely shouldn’t be put together. So, it is best to ensure that the power outlets are not near the water sources. Since water conducts electricity, it is not advised to stop electrical wire with water. You need to use a fire extinguisher to stop an electrical wire.

It is also important to look at the hazards in older homes. These are fairly susceptible to power surges and electrical fires. As time goes by, wires and other electrical fittings can deteriorate. These older homes might not be constructed to deal with the demand of modern day appliances and may cause overload or shortage, which can lead to electrical fire. These homes have high risk to arc faults where an electrical current jumps from one connection to another. This accidental surge produces heat that can lead to fire. Arc faults caused by damaged cords, loose connections, faulty appliances, cracked wire insulation, overheated wires and more.

All these are good reason to make sure you get someone to check electrical hazards in your home. You can get a Residential Electrician Brisbane to the property for you and find out existing and potential hazards in your home. Not only will they be able to do most electrical work, but they can also make sure that your home is safe from any electrical problems and also lessen the risk of these occurring down the road. They can fix these for you and you don’t have to worry about their quality of work since everything is done to national safety standards.

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