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How To Heat Your Bathroom During Winter Season

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How To Heat Your Bathroom During Winter Season

On April 20, 2016, Posted by , In Default, With Comments Off on How To Heat Your Bathroom During Winter Season

stockvault-mitsubishi-floor-console-heat-pump136320During the winter season, there are a few things less inviting in a home and the bathroom is one of these places. It is important to make sure that your bathroom is warm or at least in comfortable temperature since this is the place where you are likely to be undressed and wet after taking a bath or shower. You can do this by using an efficient source of heat. Unheated bathrooms can quickly become unsanitary places to spend time in because of cold temperatures because this will prevent the towels from drying properly.  This will also cause lingering moisture and humidity on the tiles, walls and mirrors. And we all know that prolonged moisture can attract mold, mildew and also bacteria, which poses health hazards.

You can use a IXL Tastic Light as a means to warm up the room and also deliver the room light and ventilation fan in the bathroom. This gadget can be installed in the ceiling and can be switched on and off whenever you need additional heat, ventilation or light.

Installing heated towel rails is also a good way to make sure that towels are warm and comfortable to use since this helps them to try more quickly. Once you’ve tried a heated towel rail to dry your wet towels after a bath or shower, it is less likely that you’ll return to your usual towel racks again. The heated towels give a wonderful pampering sensation and is an effective way to get rid of the winter’s chill as you do your daily cleaning routine in the bathroom.

You can also install an electrical pad system to prevent your feet from getting cold as you stand on the tiles or stone floors in the bathroom. This can be a great solution during the cold winter month and you can have your residential electrician Brisbane install this under the flooring. You can also install them behind the bathroom walls but most of these heating systems need the expertise of both the electrician and plumber to make sure you achieve optimal results.

Since portable electric heaters are not advisable in the bathroom since these poses a risk for electrical shock hazard, you can invest on an electrical wall heater, which you can mount on the sides of the wall or up off the floors. These doesn’t have any electrical plugs or dangling cords and are energy efficient as well.

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